GIERI is a grassroots conservation and sustainable development organization operating in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, South Kivu Province, Africa. Enhancing carbon storage by reforestation, conserving land for Indigenous Populations, providing trees for community forest growth, and developing agroforestry programs, represent a mix of carbon and GHG reduction strategies to be monitored by PαC. The economic benefits realized by the project activities will be used to improve the lives of all those in the region. Improvement in nutrition, sanitation, education and community services are needed across the Shabunda region. An additional project perspective is to encourage Les Forêts de la Paix given the history of conflict in the region.

GIERI Coordinator and Executive Director, Patrick Kaka, will direct the project and serve as an intermediary between PαC and the landowners, overseeing the implementation of the PCα project, and ensuring that landowners are aware of what the PαC project entails. The Shabunda region while sparsely settled has been subject to deforestation in the past while representing a landscape likely to experience high population growth in the coming decades. The Shabunda project forest area is largely not formally under conservation agreements emphasizing economic drivers to realize success for the project.

Land Area:

  • ~200,000 hectares

The project area, covering ~ 200,00 hectares of land, is located north-east of the growing city of Shabunda, consisting of three land areas. The project boundaries are pending review.

Field Measurements and Methods:

  • Network of CO2 and CH4 Flux Analyzers (Half-Hour Intervals) across the project area (SoS, EC).
  • Isotopic flux (QQ) for CO2 (13CO212C16O18O) and CH4 (13CH4) will deployed after initial base stations have been established.
  • Soil CO2 and CH4 Flux Chambers (SAC), soil gas probes (SGP), flask collection (FC) and isotopic analysis (IA).
  • High resolution project monitoring employing PαC drone fleet (UAS).
  • Remote Sensing (RS) Commercial Services:

Biosphere Box Products:

The Biosphere Box products flow from the measurements and methods and will include the full range of projects including active sequestration by improved forest management (IFM), working forests (WF), reforestation (RF) and agroforestry (AGF) and avoided carbon (GHG) emissions from enhancement in biodiversity (B) and land rights of Indigenous Peoples (IP).



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Biosphere Box Portfolios

Active Sequestration Box Products

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Avoided Emissions Box Products

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